My Catalan mother and English father encouraged me to be whatever I wanted in life, and inspired me with their cultural differences to be fascinated by people. I love what I do and I love watching the way people talk and interact with each other, and most of my photography is about trying to capture those emotions.

Communication and relaxation define my style – they’re the tools I use to get something authentic from my subjects. Im constantly seeking honesty, personalities and stories, and it’s my intrigue in people that helps me achieve those moments. When I shoot I’m not just trying to create something, I’m studying the way people behave, watching how they respond and using that understanding to get the best image in camera.

Making a natural moment often takes a large crew of people, which means you get to have have a hell of a lot of fun while you do it. I’m lucky enough to have a great team around me, who help me work at the pace that I want to work and create what I want to create. We shoot very loose and keep things relaxed, putting people into a space and just seeing what they do.

Working this way has won me awards, exhibitions and book publications, its allowed the team to travel the globe with big clients and see amazing places, but mostly it’s meant that we go to work each day with a huge smile on our faces.

Although I’m comfortable anywhere from a Los Angeles beach to a rooftop in Tokyo, my real home is Paper Mill Studios in East London. My wife and I built it together to realise a long-term dream of having our home, work and the people we love together under one roof. It’s transformed all our passion and enthusiasm into the most incredible place to be.

In photography we’re judged by a final result, and for me that result comes from working with the best team and having fun while we do it.

To see me and the team in action have a look at my journal section.

Clients include: Adidas / Chase / Movistar / John Lewis / Marks & Spencers / Sullivan / Lufthansa / Nestle / Nike / Keurig / OMV / Rockefeller / Telefonica / HTC / Disney / Skype / Vodafone / ITV / SKY / Orange / Visa / Mastercard / Barnardos / Sony / Rexona / Polar / Lipton / Build A Bear / Huawei / HSBC / Lenovo / Bulmers / Mothercare / Palacio De Hierro / Natwest / DM / Dell / New Look / Next / Hertz

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